Bienvenue Abigail!

25/05/13 – Birth announcement is featured on FPO “For Print Only”

We’re the lucky parents of our first child since june, (…)

CSI: Arlon detail 1

CSI: Arlon

An exhibition turned into an investigation in time (…)

New from IFU Fall 2009

Fluorescent lights

A flyer to promote I For Us Records releases (…)

Recto postcard

A postcard from the wild

Photo retouching and postcard printing (…)

Flyer Archéopass IAL Recto

À vous de jouer!

Huge collection of monumental roman stones in Arlon (…)


Kingdom Of Jordan

We went South for our summer holidays! (…)

Locations Hautes-Fagnes

Locations Hautes-Fagnes

It finally is online! Check this cool website I made for a B&B near Spa in Belgium. (…)