Bienvenue Abigail!

25/05/13 – Birth announcement is featured on FPO “For Print Only”

We’re the lucky parents of our first child since june, (…)

CSI: Arlon detail 1

CSI: Arlon

An exhibition turned into an investigation in time (…)

Hop'n Roll 2009

Sharks are back in town

This one’s an oldie but a goodie… (…)


Le Musée s’expose

Lately, I’ve been working quite a lot for Arlon’s Archaeological Museum. Here’s the invitation I made for their latest exhibition: “Le Musée Archéologique d’Arlon s’expose”. (…)


Forever Beautiful

Here’s the website design I did a few months ago for Guardian Showerguard, the very last “big” project I’ve worked on at Push The Brand. (…)



Concert venue, rock and modern music training centre, located in Arlon (BE) (…)


Sunny with a few clouds

Flyer I did for a local rock show (…)