Bienvenue Abigail!

25/05/13 – Birth announcement is featured on FPO “For Print Only”

We’re the lucky parents of our first child since june, (…)


Forever Beautiful

Here’s the website design I did a few months ago for Guardian Showerguard, the very last “big” project I’ve worked on at Push The Brand. (…)


Sunny with a few clouds

Flyer I did for a local rock show (…)

L'Ebeniste du Vin

L’Ebeniste du Vin

Another recent project, made at h2a for a bar/winery. (…)


Travelers stucked in time

Based on the renowned local roman sculpture “Les Voyageurs” (…)

Gaspar Museum - Arlon

Not the pink panther

The museum needed a new, modern, identity. (…)

CSI: Arlon detail 1

CSI: Arlon

An exhibition turned into an investigation in time (…)